Renato Perez

Renato Pérez

Contemporary glass artist and designer

Jorge Renato Pérez Sanchez


My practice explores the poetic potential of glass to inspire wonder. I am drawn to simple binary logics in combination with shape and form to suggest simple topologies. Using a visual language of simple forms I work to add complexity, finding inspiration in both design and the organic.


2017 Glass studio associate at JamFactory contemporary Craft & Design . SA, Australia.

2016 Bachelor of Visual arts at University of Sydney. NSW, Australia.

2014 Diploma in Design in TAFE hornsby. NSW, Australia.

2011 Expert Glass Technician degree in Vetroricerca Glas & Modern BZ, Italy.

Selected exhibitions

2017 Australia Now in Benhadj&Djilali Galerie. BE. Germany.
Benchmark in Fisher and Jeffries. SA. Australia.
Maker Matter in Gaffa Gallery. Sydney. Australia.
Grad Show in Sydney College of the Arts. NSW. Australia.
Stanislav Libenský Award, Prague Gallery of Czech Glass. Prague. CZ

2015 Under the mist in SCA, Sydney Australia

2014 Emerge, Bullseye Portland, USA

Professional experience

2017 Attended Nancy’s Callan and Mel Douglas workshop in Pilchuck. Seattle.USA. 2017 Attended Pablo Soto’s workshop in Adelaide.Australia.
Independent Designer at Renato Perez Glass Design in Cholula, Mexico.

2011 Assistant of Pilar Aldana glass casting, lead glass. Barcelona, Spain.

2011 Attended Ivana Sramkova’s master class. NorthLands Glass. Lybster, Scotland. 2011 Assistant of Luccio Bubacco Turkey lamp-working glass festival in Denizli, Turkey.

2010 Training at Pika d.o.o. Kiln manufacturer .Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Internship in Vetreria Marinello industrial. Merano, Italy.

2010 Assistant of Sante Pizzol Stained Glass in Milano, Italy.
Attended Luisa Restrepo’s Introduction to glass fusion and casting in Xaquixe. Oaxaca.


2017 Partner half Scholarship, Pilchuck. Seattle. USA.
Jerome de Costa Scholarship. Sydney College of The Arts.